"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" Sherlock Holmes
"The extraordinary can be achieved, only by breaking the scheme" Unknown
"If messy desk is a sign of messy mind, a sign of what is an empty desk"? Albert Einstein
"I fear not the man, who has practised 10 000 kicks once, but I fear the man, who has practised one kick 10 000 times" Bruce Lee
"Things should be designed as simple as possible, but not simpler" Albert Einstein
"Only fool needs order, genius controls the chaos" Albert Einstein
"You can talk with anyone, but silent only with a few" Unknown
"Over everything, do not set restrictive rules" Bruce Lee
"Intelligence - it's the ability to adapt changes" Stephen Hawking
"It's sad that fools are so confident and reasonable persons are full of doubts" Bertrand Russel
"Be like water - it will adapt to any vessel, but can destruct a rock" Bruce Lee
"The difference between suspicion and knowledge is the difference between faith and science" Unknown
"An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory" Unknown
"The body is the most complicated mechanism that exists, it's just a miracle" OSHO
"The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of strong" Gandhi
"Expert - a man who made all possible mistakes in a very narrow specialty" Niels Bohr
"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots" Albert Einstein
"Define You two things:
1. Your patient, when have got nothing,
2. Your attitude, when have got everything"
Carlo Ancelotti
"Insanity - repeating the same activity over and over again, expecting other results" Albert Einstein
"Every victory starts with a good strategy" Unknown
"Any stupid person can know, the point is to understand it" Albert Einstein
"The object of art is to give life to shape" William Shakespeare
"Do not be afraid of failure. It's not a failure, but an unambitious goal is a mistake. In a great attempt it is honorable even to fall" Bruce Lee
"If you cannot explain something straight, probably You do not understand it right" Albert Einstein
"Stupider than dunce is foolish schoolar" Unknown
"Everybody know, that something cannot be done, until there is one who does not know it cannot be done, and he will do it" Albert Einstein
"A fool considers himself a sage, the sage considers himself a fool" Unknown
"It's sad times when easier to break down an atom than to beat superstition" Albert Einstein
"Use no output as one of the outputs. Use no limitations as the only limit" Bruce Lee
"Engineering is a tool. It's not the purpose of use" Unknown
"The hopes of scholars are more certain than the wealth of ignorance" Demokryt
"The wise man will learn more from a stupid question than a fool with a wise answer" Bruce Lee
"Strong minds talk about ideas, average about events, and weak about people" Sokrates
"Draw from others, but do not copy them. Be yourself" Michel Quoist
"Artistic engineering is a fascinating way, to measurable life success and non - scary future" Unknown
"The extraordinary is this, what exceed beyond the standards" Unknown
"If You spend too munch time thinking about a thing, You'll never get it done" Bruce Lee
"You exist, so you know that you exist, and you know it because you doubt" Cartesius
"Genius means the infinite ability to overcome difficulties" Sherlock Holmes
"You neglect it, you will lose it" Confucius





Welcome Student!

  If you have come to my webpage then probably you’re having trouble with adapting to technician engineering knowledge, lectured in Universities of Technology all over the world. From now, your problems are "MY" problems also and the solving algorithms are all the same and are found in my website.

  This first step is for you to be aware that with my help will be the possibility to learn even the most difficult and confusing technical mechanical subjects in a precise and friendly way. If you are sure that you "WANT" to do it, then please give me the opportunity to make your mind flexible to understand engineering degree studying issues, which are put before you.

  Then your way set of "WANT", will be converted to "ABLE TO" and "CAN DO" ! And we’ll have reached your goals. Your achievement success and satisfaction will allow You to finish the first level of your education through the 7 semesters.


Students, remember!

  I was working for my Ist mechanical engineering diploma thesis for 7 years! I’ve tested the flexibility of the day to day education system in each scenario, included seemed impossible. Most courses I realised, at least twice, to expand my knowledge so deep, to you can take advantage of my experience.

  Meantime in extra effort I acquired movement abilities also, to show You on biomechanical examples how physics laws and classic mechanical rules are working in real life. I did this effort, to You can finish your study in regular duration.


Let's cooperate together!

M.Eng. Simon Flis.



  Because of my travelling and remote type of work, i cannot always pick up the phone. In this case, please use the other contacts below. Generally you can catch me on route to Wroclaw (PL) - Klodzko (PL) - Prague (CZ).


Mathematics in engineering

Yeah, it's time to catch up the gap of mathematical knowledge, which...

Physics Engineering

Fresh graduaded!, do not forget that the physics course...

Engineering graphics 2D (descriptive geometry)

This is the most advanced plane geometry, giving...

Engineering graphics 2D (construction notation)

Sketch is the language of an engineer, what means...

Linear algebra with analytic geometry

The algebraic operations are used to describe...

Mathematical Analysis I

Integral calculus is the basic tool for proof all known...

Mathematical Analysis II

Continuation of the first part, means working on the...

Mathematical Analysis III (ordinary differential eq.)

It's encircle of the classic trilogy, which means that...

Mechanics I (static)

Beam, lattice, frame - finish the game :(...

Mechanics II (dynamics)

Everything flows, everything is in motion, which means that...

Mechanics III (analitycal engineering)

It's the last chapter of classic rigid body mechanics before...

Mechanics IV (quantum
and nuclear engineering)

Quantum mechanics is a XIX-th century creation...

Fluid mechanics

Fluids are liquids and gases, so it's creatures which are not...

Strength of materials I

Strength of materials is the static mechanics rules of rigid body...

Strength of materials II

It's mainly complex strength, described...

Strength of materials III

It contains solid structures with surface geometry...

Fundamentals of machines design I

Fundamentals of machines design Ist and IInd is a nightmare in University's of Technology all around the world. Till today, it was like that, but...

Fundamentals of machines design II

The second part of the course is the design of a dynamic load-bearing structure, which is most often the machine shaft of a gear motor.


Automation of product production processes is an inevitable phenomenon due to the mass production scale. In order for the pieces to be repeatable, they must be made by machines that must be properly designed and programmed for this purpose.


Human hands are not irreplaceable, and are often less efficient than robotic manipulators. However, it should be remembered that there are many activities in which the robot has no chance of the dexterity of human hands.

Theory of mechanisms and manipulators

It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a given position. The evidence for the above claim will be presented to you in this course which is very precise and laborious.

Analysis and synthesis of kinematic systems

 It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a...

Basics of mechanisms (machines) design

 It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a...

Basics of transport mode design

 It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a...

Basics of mechanical assembly design

 It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a...

Modeling of multiparts systems

 It turns out that the method of describing reality by means of algebraic equations is often more time-consuming than a drawing made in a scale and in a...

Synthesis of mechanical systems

It is the assembly of the components of a given machine into a coherent whole, using appropriate methods of narrowing down the course of reasoning from general to detail.

How I learn?

All my courses are available in many different ways:

Video "on-line" courses

This is the best option for interactive people and acting students. These courses take you through your technical problems in a creative and systematic way WITHOUT leaving your home!  The duration of the recording differs for every issue.

Indyvidual live "on-line" courses

These courses take place during a voice call and messaging service available with the e-MECHANiK Academy. The duration of cooperation is 2 hours and WITHOUT the need to  leave your home!

Individual “live” courses

Traditional form of cooperation based on “face to face” appointments with an individual or a two persons group. Courses take place in a university areas and their duration is 2 hours.

Groups “live viewing” courses

It’s a mix of the last two methods. These courses take place with a maximum of 10 people per group in a “live viewing” form in the place where I will be situated at that time. The duration of the course is 10 hours during which the students take active part in this creation.

Every course includes

  • "on-line" care in form ; "quick question - quick response" in one of the selected messengers ready to be downloaded from e-MECHANiK Academy.
  • package of materials in .pdf format, made by hand, colourful, clear and precise.

What does this mean for you exactly?

  • forget staying in queues for professors more than 10 hours and then after to hear only that your project was done "WRONG" and then the students must study "ALONE". But with my help, via "on-line care" you will receive "RAPID" feedback!
  • consider the fact that what You require, I can do it using simple sketching tools. Remember that using your brain will always be better and quicker to achieve than to be made like a "computer engineer". Before your competitors even switch on their computers to present their “visions” for the clients, you will have already been able to sketch it on a piece of paper and tell "NO LIES" but only "TRUE" facts about your project, during drinking a coffee with a potential employer.

For who?

The courses are available for your education in e-MECHANiK - "Education - Engineer's Academy" are addressed to all who are interested in natural sciences in precise, curate and explicit ways and for who would like to know mathematical descriptions of the laws of nature.

Courses are conducted in Polish, Czech and English languages, taking into account the requirements of the clients who are:

High school graduates

High school graduates with natural science profiles preparing for final exams and in their first year of study.


Students of technical faculties in technology universities wanting to understand the beauty of mechanics with real life examples, not getting a vague professors scheme.


Engineers, who’ve got parts that they’ve studied before and still don’t quite understand areas of that such as the basic laws, which govern 2D (3D) programs, CNC machines and mobile robots.


Companies, running engineering graphic courses 2D (3D), providing students with necessary theoretical knowledge about the above mentioned programs for which practical applications are based upon.


Corporations, training their stuff to achieve better production results.


Athletes of various disciplines who want to improve their skills and sports results in a way to understand biomechanics and the physics of the law of movement.

Every course includes:

  • "on-line" care in form: "quick question - quick response" in one selected messengers, ready to download from e-MECHANiK Academy.
  • package of materials in .pdf  format, made by hand, colorful, legibly and clearly.



Dear Students!

  Our team makes an effort to You can develop yourself multifaceted, being able accord not easy engineering way with your own passions, that after years of development these two seemingly different ways, combine them into one coherent piece, achieving life stabilization and professional fulfillment.

Szymon Flis

MEng. Mechanical and Machine Building
  • specialization I:Mechatronics of machines and vessels
  • specialization II:Biomechanical engineering with bionics items
  • passion:Taekwon-do ITF (Ist DAN), acrobatics, yoga
  • interests:travels, nature, handicrafts
  • courses:all courses available in the e-MECHANiK Academy and cooperation with private investors, industry and international clients
  • location:Wrocław (PL), Kłodzko (PL), Praha (CZ)
  •  www.e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  szymon.flis@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-697-154-075

Jakub Słowiński

Dr.Eng. Mechanical
  • specialization I:Technical physics - biomedical engineering
  • specialization II:-
  • passion:computers, s-f literature, science
  • interests:nature, astronomy, military
  • courses:mechanics I, II, III for students of Engineering University's ; physics for high schools students
  • location:Wrocław (PL)
  •  www.naukajest.cool
  •  jakub.slowinski@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-693-729-256

Agnieszka Marczak

MEng. Chemical and Process Engineering
  • specialization I:Chemical and process engineering
  • specialization II:-
  • passion:acrobatics, dance
  • interests:travels, nature, music
  • courses:biology, chemistry for students and high school students
  • location:Kielce (PL)
  •  www.agnieszkamarczak.com
  •  agnieszka.marczak@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-660-149-883

Katarzyna Dereń

MA. in English Philology
  • specialization I:Business translations (engineering)
  • specialization II:HR, human resource management, job interviews
  • passion:business, negotiations, new technologies
  • interests:travels, personal development, art
  • courses:preparation for job interview, english language in international business, specialist technical english for engineers and engineering students
  • location:Zgorzelec (PL)
  •  www.fluentyou.pl
  •  katarzyna.deren@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-790-892-004

Adam Wysoczański

MA. Physiotherapy
  • specialization I:Osteopathy
  • specialization II:Neurodiagnostics and rehabilitation in sport with sports traumatology items
  • passion:acrobatics, physiotherapy, sports
  • interests:travel, survival, handicraft
  • courses:anatomy, physiotherapy, osteopathy
  • location:Dzierżoniów (PL), Praha (CZ)
  •  www.CM-agency.com
  •  adam.wysoczanski@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-889-244-986

Weronika Bronowicka

MA. HR & Coaching
  • specialization I:Development and training of soft skills
  • specialization II:Dance and movement Psychotherapy - eating disorders
  • passion:dance
  • interests:travels, music, psychology
  • courses:psychology, psychotherapy, medical personal training, coaching, soft skills
  • location:Lutynia (PL), Wrocław (PL), Bergamo (IT)
  •  www.sano.wroclaw.pl
  •  weronika.bronowicka@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-696-296-335

Kamila Ganclarska

MA. Physical Education
  • specialization I:Sports manager
  • specialization II:Development of interpersonal competences
  • passion:artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, dance
  • interests:travels, music, cuisine
  • courses:psychology, coaching, soft skills, editing and formatting text files
  • location:Wrocław (PL), Lisbona (POR)
  •  www.kamilaganclarska.com
  •  kamila.ganclarska@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +351-911-938-025

Anna Dykas

BA. choreography
  • specialization I:Choreography and dance techniques
  • specialization II:-
  • passion:acrobatics, dance
  • interests:traveling, healthy lifestyle, baking, music
  • courses:first dance, games and animations for kids, personal training, editing and formatting text files
  • location:Dzierżoniów (PL)
  •  www.CM-agency.com
  •  anna.dykas@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-513-527-998

Łukasz Gołąbek

BA. Jazz and Stage Music
  • specialization I:Acoustic and electric guitar
  • specialization II:-
  • passion:music, computers, audio equipment
  • interests:travels, photography
  • courses:teaching to play the acoustic and electric guitar
  • location:Kłodzko (PL)
  •  www.studiomuzyczne27.pl
  •  lukasz.golabek@e-MECHANiK.com.pl
  •  +48-697-777-067

Dear Students!

  If You:

  • hesitate to start education on the University of Technology or any other University
  • wonder how to bring together engineering studies with your passion
  • are looking for places to develop your passions, but the location and / or price scare you
  • are interested in national and international scholarship programs, which you can obtain up to 26 years old, just being a "learning person"
  • want to have got GOOD accident insurance
  • are looking for an internship or job compatible with your person and interests, to bring together education, passion and your maintenance in big city
  • are young, talented and ambitious, but you do NOT want to hit the face in reality
  • like traveling, international cooperation and you are interested in online job

and You want to "overtake time", to not wait reality surprise You, because as an adult person You understand that "nothing will do by itself" and "tomorrow is today, but tomorrow" - do not hesitate and contact with us:


*in cases, dedicated to a specific person of team, please contact to the e-mail address assigned directly to it.

**the method of construction sample message, can be found in the FAQ section.


I'm continually flying.

Catch me by:

"Academy of Engineering Education"


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